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Standard Breakfast Wrap Tray

a mix of ten breakfast sandwiches on white tortilla wraps stuffed 
with scrambled eggs, American cheese 
and your choice of breakfast meats,
cut in half and stacked on a tray. 60.00
twenty 4" pieces/ wheat wraps available on request 
meat choices: bacon (pork), ham (pork), sausage (pork),
scrapple (pork), beef bologna, turkey sausage 
served with an 8oz. bottle of buffalo mild sauce 
or ketchup on request/ salt and pepper packets
Steak (beef or chicken) instead of breakfast meat add 1.00 per wrap 
additional condiments cost extra - onions, tomatoes, peppers
.60 each per wrap
add spinach - 1.00 per wrap/ egg whites add 1.00 per wrap/
just egg & cheese wrap (no meat) subtract 1.00 per wrap